Our History

In the late 1980's Our  founder & Master Craftsman Edward Lake was employed with
Designers Edge International. Learning all aspects of Shear Manufacturing,  Including
the art of manufacturing Hand-made shears. He also learned the skill of Service and
repair doing "Kasho" by Kai's warranty work, Along with Reconditioning & Repairing
of all  brands from around the country.

        In 1991 he  formed Totally Shears, With a strong emphasis on Shear services and reconditioning. For over 20 years we have been servicing, Repairing & reconditioning shears 
   for professional hairstylist and have become a name recognized with experiance & quality.      
  With factory equipment and skilled hands our service department can handle all shear services  from general reconditioning to major repairs and restoration. We specialize in restoring blades damaged from improper service by other company's and portable sharpeners.

We offer true factory shear services using the same machinery that the factory did
and the same skills and knowledge.  We fully understand that besides your knowledge
and skills your Hairstyling shears are the most important tool you use. We strive to be
the absolute best at what we do and return your valuable tools to you very quickly
 often leaving our service center the same day or within 24 hours of us Receiving them.

Your shears will be skillfully serviced by hand, We Guarantee your shears will be
done right. Many time's your shears will come back to you BETTER than the
day you bought them.

Now selling the Kokoro line of quality shears with some other occasional
lines, we have everything you need to keep you armed with great shears
and Service to keep them going for many years

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