Shear Services

All Shear services done in our service center!

True Factory services, Factory trained on Factory equipment, Experienced in
manufacturing hand-made shears, over 25 years of experience providing
quality shear reconditioning - Shear sharpening - repair - customizing

Totally Shears services Professional Hairstyling shears exclusively
no nippers or clipper blades etc.
We feel by concentrating exclusively
on shears we can provide you the absolute best service

Our service department services all brands and styles, right handed & left handed
thinners, texturizers, curved blades and stacked sets
Extremely fast turn around time

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Normal shear reconditioning no severe damage or large nicks
U.S.P.S. Priority mail service with insurance & tracking included in service price.
Extreme work, severely damaged shears, Repairing improper sharpening, Customizing

U.S.P.S. Priority mail service with insurance & Tracking  included in service price.

If you have had your blades ruined by on the spot sharpening/grinding
services we can make them like new again

All Service's are done by highly Skilled & Trained hands, No damaging clamps or jigs
are ever used, your Blades are never heated or burned by dry grinding

Normal shear reconditioning description

Dull shears from regular use with no severe damage.

Your shears are dis-assembled and thoroughly cleaned, at this time the craftsman
 carefully inspect's your shears for damage, nicks and burrs in the edge and
inside hone-line and determines if your blades have been improperly serviced in
the past changing the angle of your convexed edge, Or if your convexed edge has
been ground away and possibly burned. The tension system is cleaned
and inspected, Missing or defective parts are repaired or replaced.

Next the
outside edge's are Conditioned, Gently removing all nicks & burrs
and restoring  the factory angle to the correct design specifications.
This is a multi-step process for maintaining or re-building your convexed edges.
Inside Hone line & ride area is Micro honed by hand while being lubricated
resulting in a super sharp, smooth & quiet action & cut.

Shears are cleaned and inspected again, Nylon washer replaced and Silencer (bumper) replaced if necessary, Finger rest checked and repaired if necessary.
 Shears are re-assembled, At this stage the craftsman de-burrs and smooth’s
the tip's so they glide scratch free over your customers skin. Tips are reshaped
(if requested). The Craftsman now checks and sets the curvature of the blades alignment of the handles and tips. This is called the "Balancing" of
your shears and is a skill that takes years to refine.

The Final outside edge Honing is now done by hand, this is a special final process
that restores your convexed edge with a mirror finish that is razor
sharp and smooth. Shears are Cleaned & oiled and the tension adjusted
 Complete visual inspection and then test cutting on 100% human hair.

Extreme Reconditioning, severely damaged shears, Customizing

Shears that have been improperly serviced by another company, or very large
nicks from accidents, abuse, miss use, Rust & Tarnishing etc. Before performing our normal reconditioning service we use our manufacturing experiance & equipment
to restore your shears original factory specifications. We will copy the last
 20-30 manufacturing operation's resulting in rebuilding your edges inside & out
 restoring your blades to original factory specifications. In almost all cases your
shears are returned to you in "like new" condition or "better". 

If you have very expensive shears that have been damaged this is far less expensive than replacing them.

Nylon washers & silencer (bumpers) included in service price
Replace missing Removable finger rest $7.50
Finger ring inserts $3.00 ea.

Shear customizing service
Services like removing permanent finger rest, Blade shortening
Tip rebuilding or reshaping etc.

Shear service guarantee
All service work is guaranteed and has our commitment to quality. One cut
and you will know they are right. We stand behind all our work, if for some reason you feel your shears are not perfect contact us and we will be happy to help you

We ship back to you U.S.P.S Priority mail, insured for value of shears.
U.P.S 3 day select UPS C.O.D. charge, add $12.00
Call ahead to pre-arrange super-fast service like U.P.S. or FedEx overnight

Shipping & Mailing shear to Totally Shears:
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Package your shears in a padded envelope "Jiffy Mailer" or small box, If sending
more than 2 pair small box only, Include your name, Salon's address, daytime
phone#. We prefer to ship to Salon's but can ship to residences.

 Mail to:
Totally Shears
8 Underwood Dr.
South Acworth,NH. 03607



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